7th Annual Rice & Sesame Supply Chain Meet

The beginning of the New Crop Year holds a special place in the farming community in Nigeria. They collectively invoke the goodwill of God for a good harvest. Keeping up with the tradition, the 7th Annual Rice & Sesame Supply Chain Meet was held on the 14th of September at Kano, Nigeria.

A subsidiary of Stallion Group, Popular Farms and Mills, invested over $70 million in Nigeria to work closely with 1,151 Cooperative Groups with 41,486 member farmers for better rice and sesame yield. The event was to network, recognize and share best practices with stakeholders, acknowledging the contributions of farmers, suppliers, bankers, govt agencies and NGOs.

The establishment not only safeguards timely provision of certified seeds and fertilizers, It provides advisory irrigation, crop management and buy back mechanism to help farmers get good and profitable yields. SEI works closely with the community in knowledge dissemination and farmer empowerment to positively drive the agric revolution which is quintessential to rural development in Nigeria.