Nissan, Stallion Motors Nigeria Limited, a member of the Stallion Group of Companies and the official representatives of Nissan automobile brand in Nigeria since 2013. At Nissan we believe in not only bringing the best of the auto innovation at your doorsteps, but also the best affordable topically modified vehicles to Nigerian consumers at par with our global standards. We have significantly invested in local production of these vehicles in our auto assembly plant in Nigeria, and since its establishment in 2013, we have aimed to enhance the skill sets of Nigerian workers by providing world class training .


Nissan is growing its market share of the total vehicle market with a comprehensive range of passenger cars, commercial/recreational and other specialised vehicles. To meet its objective of significantly growing its market share, Nissan is currently engaged in a dynamic programme of new model introductions.


As part of its social responsibility efforts, the company is committed to training, educating and advancing its workforce to the maximum potential of each individual. Other elements of Nissan’s investment is in upgrading the social fabric of our society focusing on job creation.