Popular Farms & Mills Ltd. A stallion group company introduced Popular Seeds in 12 states and 16 aggregation centers in Nigeria. The organisation imparts training and distributes genetically pure rice seeds to out growers across rice producing states in Nigeria as a part of Stallion Group’s fulfilment of dedicated service towards achieving its rice value chain initiative.


Popular Seeds are genetically pure and gives high percentage of germination which ensure better yield for the farmers. The seeds are certified by National Agricultural Seed Council which maintains a robust inspection and certification procedure that is carried out for 6 -8 months. The seeds are tagged in a manner where fake contraband packs cannot be used.


These certified seeds are considered as major contributors to self sufficiency in Nigerian Rice. The seeds are sold at cost without any commercial benefits and provides high quality, genetically pure delectable rice to the end consumers and an opportunity to the farmers for better economic output. We believe that focus on empowering the rice value chain leads to more progressive farmers and greater economic and social opportunities for households.