Skoda World, a Stallion Group Company started the Nigerian operations for the brand with two models, Skoda Octavia and Rapid. Since its launch the brand has warmed into the heart of Nigerians.


The West African market for automobiles is very mature and competitive, requiring a great deal of expertise and specialty selling.


Stallion through its two decades of understanding of the complex market and its constant efforts has managed to achieve a leadership position, enjoying absolute customer loyalty.


The group is largely credited for opening exciting frontiers of motoring to the Nigerian people and providing them with first hand experience of world-class automobiles as enjoyed by the developed countries. The success of Stallion stems from its untiring pursuit for automotive excellence. The company’s strategy has been to stay close to the customers, understand their needs and exceed their expectations. Stallion operates through a string of showrooms and after sales centres spread all across Nigeria, Ghana and Republic of Benin giving a geographical reach envied by its competitors.


The key factors for Stallion’s success are excellent distribution network with strategic location enabling nationwide presence, competitive pricing, excellent nationwide after sales service a definite pre-requisite and selling advantage for the image and reputation of the Stallion Group. The group’s overall reputation in the market, stemming from the success of its other business lines.


The pre-requisite of every satisfied customer is the timely after sales support that he receives in terms of service and repairs. The company operates an extensive network of workshops that are equipped with all modern state of the art facilities to serve the ever-growing list of satisfied customers. The workshops are located at various locations giving the advantage of proximity to customers.


Skoda Range

Whatever model you choose from the ŠKODA range, you’ll always find yourself in possession of a car delivering a peerless combination of thrilling design, a sumptuous interior, the latest connectivity options, and high-end technology. ŠKODA models are primed to help you every day, whether you’re ferrying your family around or going on business trips. Choose your new ŠKODA.