SMART Automation Technology leads the era of intelligent automation software. It is an award winning technology developed at Automation Anywhere Labs. Automation Anywhere is the only software to use SMART Automation Technology.


Smart Automation


With Automation anywhere you create SMART, intelligent tasks. Tasks created with Automation Anywhere automatically adjust when windows size, location, desktop icons, Internet speed, dialog box position, CPU usage and many other things change.


You don’t have to do anything special to get all of these. Any task that you create with Automation Anywhere automatically gets the intelligence of SMART Automation Technology.


Network operation centers


Analyze, visualize and control

Information and communication technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. This implies a growing amount of information needs to be permanently analyzed, visualized and controlled. Because of their reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use, Barco’s telecom control room solutions have become the common communication basis in modern network operations centers (NOCs) for fixed or mobile telecom and service providing companies.


A complete portfolio of visualization solutions

NOC solutions consist of rear-projection video walls, tiled LCD, large display LCD, and the corresponding controllers and software. Our leadership in professional visualization allows us to bring all information on-screen in the most optimal and detailed way. Optimized for 24/7 mission-critical applications, solutions are reliable and feature guaranteed servicing and availability of components and support over product lifetime.


Networked visualization

Our networked visualization solution, distributing data and video coming from any source to any location over the existing TCP/IP network, forms a reliable backbone for any network operation center.