Premium BS4449 Rebars are made from quality iron ore, which gives it the highest grade of purity. The state-of-the-art rolling process, imparts uniform properties across the bar. Complete control on the heat treatment also gives it a combination of higher strength and ductility, and makes it highly resistant to earthquakes.


The rolling mill which produces the rebars is a 18 strand robust mill made by SACK Germany having a state of the art Quench box for refinement of microstructure to improve Yield strength. The three layers ferrite, pearlite & martensite are visible after polishing and etched with the stamp of PREMIUM BS4449:2005 rebars.


PREMIUM rebars also comply with SON standard and is in the process of getting UK CARES certification for its BS:4449:2005 grade.


Technical Superiority of our PSML Rebars:

  • Rebars have been designed for high strength application ( high rises, infrastructure projects, refineries etc).
  • Ideal for wide range of usages where high yield strength is required without compromising on elongation properties.
  • It has higher bond strength & higher fatigue strength.
  • Superior earthquake resistance.