Automobiles Division


Stallion’s Automobiles Division consists of a collective sub-group of companies which represent an array of globally renowned automobile brands on an exclusive basis for distribution, sales and aftersales service.


Stallion represents the following brands through independent management:

Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Changan, Ashok Leyland, Morris Garages and Bajaj RE, three and four-wheel intracity vehicles popularly called as Keke.


Collectively these passenger vehicle brands contribute to over 45% share of the new automobiles market in Nigeria.












Morris Garages

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland

Bajaj RE


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For over 25 years, Stallion has worked closely with its auto OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) partners to develop the industry and bring global best practices and a unique brand experience to customers in Nigeria at par with the developing world. It is largely credited for opening exciting frontiers of motoring to the Nigerian people and providing them with first-hand experience of world-class automobiles throughout different model segments from passenger cars, SUVs, luxury vehicles, pickups, light commercial vehicles and buses.


Having invested over NGN 130Bn, Stallion’s automotive infrastructure consists of ….. state-of-the-art nationwide dealer showrooms, ….. workshops and ….. spare parts warehouses.


The Automotive Market:


With a population of over 200 Million, a growing middle-class and high demand for mobility, the Nigerian automotive sector has a potential to be a major contributor to the Nigerian economy.


The Nigerian automobile market can be described as mature and competitive in nature, requiring an experienced yet sophisticated approach to selling and retaining customer loyalty.


Stallion, with its vast experience, superior infrastructure and customer loyalty, developed for over two decades, is at the forefront of the advancement of the Nigerian Automotive Industry.


“Stallion through its over two decades of understanding of the complex market and its constant efforts has managed to achieve a leadership position, enjoying absolute customer loyalty.”